Write with pictures & draw with words

Click here to purchase JACOB – A Denouement in One Act or NEITHERIUM – Poetry & Prose from the Neither, & to link to additional sites & articles

Author illustrator, art historian & Free Speech & Arts advocate, Kimann (K.A.) Schultz also blogged at Huffington Post, 2013 – 2018, & hosted a podcast series, Fashion News & Muse, available at ApplePodcasts

Kimann has published 2 full-length novels, a poetry collection, horror/sci-fi short story collections, as well as numerous other short stories, articles & song lyrics

for more on JACOB: http://www.jacobmarleystory.com

Illustration: http://www.kimann.org

articles & advocacy http://www.kimannschultz.com 

on Instagram & Twitter, follow @kaschultz_writer

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