obesity perception article

“obesity re-programming: is perception being manipulated?” was written in 2014, submitted and instantly nixed at the site formerly known as Huffington Post. it was picked up in 2016 by now-defunct website Judgy Bitch, and has now re-surfaced at a site called Femoid, a site with which Kimann has no affiliation. the text of the article is posted at http://www.kimannschultz.com, and here is the link to the Femoid page   “obesity re-programming: is perception being manipulated?”

this article – for its initial rejection at an ever-farther-left leaning website, for its subsequent publication at Judgy Bitch (that there netted a lengthy and thoughtful reader comment thread), and for its much later re-appearance at Femoid, where over time most of the source references, foot-noted and linked, have disappeared or been changed, remains important 1) for its honest take on an ironic – and dangerous –  pop culture phenomenon, and perhaps more importantly, 2) for its subjugation as a censored written work that dared to challenge a rising group think aesthetic mandate and the factual euphamization of a toxic and costly health/lifestyle epidemic. I, the author of this article, stand by my words.