original songs

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Spirit of Christmas – a Christmas carol I wrote years ago, newly re-imagined with blues guitarist Darryl Hewitt

kimann and michael schultz have been writing and performing original songs for over twenty years. their 3-song EP Earthbound Ethereal is available for purchase at iTunes. also available at amazon

one of their latest works, Beautiful Rage can be viewed on YouTube (warning: explicit lyrics)

spirit of christmas (promise of peace) on YouTube is a carol by kimann, written over 20 years ago and revised after the newton massacre to more clearly reflect a wish for peace. arranged and performed my mike and daughter hannah, this is their christmas card to all

kimann’s lyric poems comprise the chapter entitled Studio E – the Lyrics in her poetry compilation RUGS ON PUDDLES, COATS OVER OCEANS. each one of these also exists as a fully realized song, written and recorded with singer-composer michael schultz. kimann provides background vocals. bandmates & friends are featured on a few of the live recordings

for a more comprehensive sampling of their songs, go to www.LapofaMuse.com