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americans for the arts re-posted an HP article of mine: “in support of art as non-violent means of expression,” advocating the Arts as a means to express oneself, even if in extreme fashion, in a way that is non-violent and not destructive

i as creative contributor, arts advocate and art historian stand in support of:

  • the protection of unequivocal free speech and expression, which includes the freedom to disagree and debate on all sides
  • the freedom of creative expression – the universe in its entirety exists for any- and everyone as a resource
  • the merit, virtue and aspirational purpose of traditionally held beauty, classical ideals and their derived aesthetics as the foundational building blocks of western/modern civilization
  • artistic expression as an intensely personal expression that functions as a vital societal connector
  • artistic expression, even if at its most extreme, as a viable alternative to violence or destruction that deserves to be protected at all levels, in all media
  • freedom of expression as a celebration of self, for everyone across the full spectrum, racially, culturally and over time
  • humor as an Art, worthy of protection in all its incarnations, for both its truth baring, sharing qualities and its cathartic effects

i stand against:

  • historic erasure via iconoclastic rioting and mob appeasement leniency that rationalizes and tolerates destruction
  • post modern aesthetic re-writes that seek to politicize, destroy and undermine art in history and history itself
  • virtue-posturing censorship (virtue vetting) and prohibitionism posing as cultural appropriation protectionism
  • politicized blanket denigration of ancestral historic legacies and their cultural contributions

i write and speak up as an american citizen, to honor my ukrainian grandfather, who was executed under stalin, to honor my eldest son’s contribution to our freedoms as marine, and to help secure the best possible future for all my children. read more about my german-ukrainian heritage in these Huff Post articles: the traveling sweater; trying on tiaras 

i say: the Arts are a Bridge between Man and Mankind

The venerable This I Believe has released THIS I BELIEVE: ON MOTHERHOOD, published by John Wiley & Sons, April 2012. My essay entitled, “Do What You Have to Do,” appears as the second one in this list of inspirational works. THIS I BELIEVE: ON MOTHERHOOD is also available at

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