Jacob – A Denouement in One Act


Have you ever wondered: What about poor, old Jacob Marley? Then, this story is for you.

Jacob – A Denouement in One Act Stave I

Jacob – A Denouement in One Act Stave II

Jacob – A Denouement in One Act Stave Final

Jacob – A Denouement in One Act,  Stave Final, Alternate Ending

On this New Year’s eve, allow me to share an alternate ending to Jacob – A Denouement in One Act. Stave 1 can be read here; Stave 2 can be read here. The original Stave Final can be read here.

While this story remains for anyone who may ever have wondered, “What about poor, old Jacob Marley?”, this “other” ending is for anyone who, like me, recognizes the parallels between Dickens’ masterpiece and the Back to the Future trilogy, the Star Wars and Star Trek series, and all Sci-Fi fantasies where time travel and alternate universes are tapped, who cannot help but be tempted to illuminate some additionalaspects of the rest of this story, because everything remains possible… A Christmas Carol is their ancestor.

As ardent free speech advocate – which is in singular danger these days, thanks to specifically targeted Prohibitionistic agendas – I want to exercise my right to let Art, in this case a personal literary project of mine, say something a tad deeper and different, to also serve as a Reflection of Life as I see it today.

Though the Arts, we can shake things up, ask difficult questions and point things out that need to be pointed out, all while leaving life and limb (literally and figuratively) intact for purposes of further communication and hoped-for evolution, be it personal or societal. Let’s f*&%@g talk about it.