fairy tales

Isafrelli Schmedderling and other Children’s Stories by Kimann Schultz

Pooteer the Pizza Monster A sing-songy manuscript written entirely in Monsterish (with subtitles), this is the story of a furry green, google-eyed monster who pays an unexpected visit to Jayne’s house one evening.  A picture book with 30 pen and ink illustrations.

Hippee doh pasta? Sella chip-chip walla walla moo-laus?

The first five in a series of Fairy Tales:

Isafrelli Schmedderling  A little girl knits her very own silvery cocoon and emerges a few  months later with a pair of gorgeous butterfly wings.

The children saw Isafrelli’s face emerge:  her nose, her mouth and her chin soon appeared, then her neck and then her shoulders.  A flash of blue and orange caught the morning sunlight.  And there it was again!  What brightly colored, folded flags were tucked in at Isafrelli’s back, and how simply wonderful were the colors that shone just over her shoulders?

The Everything Cake  Spoiled twins Breenana and Bryce are recruited to bake a magical birthday cake with the help of a witchy personal chef, Tante Dootzenkopf, who has been hired by their grandmother for an afternoon of magical bakefication.

“So, you kids gonna just stare at Tanta Dootzenkopf ‘til your eyes fall outta dere sockets and roll on the ground for the cats to play wit, or are you gonna let me in?”  The woman chirped in a high, crusty voice, “Who here gots de birtsdays, eh?”

The Lunabye  With the moon’s kind help, Fairy Princess Laylania is finally able to lull her newborn son, the fussy, three-day-old Princeling Petroleth, to sleep.

Out into the evening the fairy Princess floated, through the nursery window and over the castle-cloud gardens.  The young fairy-mother’s gossamer wings stretched and flashed, one wing guiding her and her infant son over the castle grounds, the other wing folded protectively around her fairy-baby, shielding him from the cool night air.

Paulina Aschenpuddle’s Honey Money   Poverty-striken Paulina is on a quest to make her debut outfit for the mayor’s reception, realized with the help of her magical Fairy Godbee and his winged comrades.

Nine o’clock, all was still.  Ten o’clock, all was quiet.  Midnight came and went, marked by the gentle, distant toll of the clock tower bells of the courthouse on the square.  It was just past one in the morning, when all of a sudden, a distant hum broke the sleepy silence.  The hum grew louder and louder as its source moved closer and closer to Paulina’s bedroom window – it was the Fairy Godbee and his colony of honeybees, flying in tight formation, and they were coming in for a landing!

Showan Tell  Shy and quiet, Augie-Tave (which is short for Augustus Octavian) tells his classmates about his menagerie of extraordinary creatures.  Teacher and her students, upon visiting his house, soon find out that these fantastical beasts do indeed exist.

“What I gots today is my Slurfbudget.”

Teacher, startled from her reverie, picked up on the word and repeated what she thought she heard: 

“A Slurfbudget, Mr. Augustus Octavian?”

         “A Slurfbudget.”