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“But seriously, the study of clothing through the decades is fascinating; especially vintage swimwear and the story it tells about style changes as a reflection of the way women have changed throughout history.  How many of us have ever stopped to think about what the sporty, thongy, tanky, skirty, sarongy, or strappy suit under our swim coverup tells us about our evolution as women?  I know I haven’t until now.  It is actually part of an incredible historical journey – and the journey continues – and not just for westernized women.  I absolutely love the way Kimann Schultz in this Huffington Post article writes about the recent European Burkini controversy; ‘Westernized women didn’t go from hoop skirts to hot pants in a day, so how about we give this (Burkini) issue some space?  What if – what if – those Burkinis were a baby step in the right – as in correct – direction?  Who is anyone to naysay a small style step for women that in the bigger picture might turn out to be an onset inch towards a giant leap for womankind?’ ”