original poems & lyric poetry

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RUGS ON PUDDLES COATS OVER OCEANS is a collection of kimann’s original poems and lyric poetry, written over a span of over twenty years, 1991 through 2013. dates of origin of the poems are noted as well as dates or years of edits and rewrites – they are a part of each poem’s autobiographical identity. all lyric poems exist as fully realized songs and have been written and recorded with kimann’s husband and song-writing partner, michael l. schultz.

a sampling of the songs can be found at www.LapofaMuse.com, at Amazon.com, at iTunes and on YouTube.

I.     The Recognition of a Certain Wisdom – Some Call it Growing Up

II.    The Losing and the Gaining

III.   The Incidental and the Awakening

IV.   The Redefining of Love

V.    Rugs on Puddles, Coats over Oceans

VI.   Studio E – the Lyrics


Rugs on puddles

Coats over oceans

How do you see me

How do you want to perceive me

Do we make too much of nothing

Or are nothings really something

Pay attention to our hearts

Intuition bends our minds 

Rugs on puddles

Coats over oceans

Chivalry and ecstasy

Honesty and fantasy

Helplessness and shoulders

Grains of sand to wear down boulders

The light that shines

Can also blind

Use me to cross that bridge of time

Use me to safely bring you home

Dress me, clothe me

Keep me warm

I will safely bring you home

As love is redefined

As love is redefined.