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RUGS ON PUDDLES COATS OVER OCEANS is a collection of kimann’s original poems and lyric poetry, written over a span of over twenty years, 1991 through 2013. dates of origin of the poems are noted as well as dates or years of edits and rewrites – they are a part of each poem’s autobiographical identity. all lyric poems exist as fully realized songs and have been written and recorded with kimann’s husband and song-writing partner, michael l. schultz.

a sampling of the songs can be found at www.LapofaMuse.com, at Amazon.com, at iTunes and on YouTube, search Kimann & Michael Schultz


I’m prey to quiet moments

When thoughts ring home like mourning bells

The sounds of sadness pull me in

Forgetfulness release me

Everything I see

I see in the context of retrospect

The story of my life plays backwards

White on black

Wicked words from within

Memory go

Please go away

And pull your shadows in

Let me swim across his river, then

I hear her calling to me

In words so soft they touch me there

The sheets become the shroud she wears

The eyes of night still want me

Everyone I know

Becomes less of what I wanted once ago

Reality warps perspective

Wearing thin

The name she calls, calls me from within

Make the night

Please, go away

For the light of day

Makes it easier to find my way

I know I should know better

That years of time will heal the pain

No taunting words of false resolve

I’ve got nothing left to gain

And now all I want

I want in the context of retrospect

It’s become to hard to move beyond

In this dream

Deep sea strokes instead of steps

Caught in the dive

Down to the blue

Bass strings pluck my heart

Let me sing to this empty room

I’ll play to quiet moments

With thoughts awash like ocean waves

And castles built on shifting sands

Emptiness inside me

It’s possible she’ll hear

It’s possible my love’s still near

I lay my hands upon the table round

And cry out

Open up the windows, lay aside

Reason tonight

Seasons tonight

Spring summer winter’s fall

Open up my mind to hear her call